"Carat is a unit of measurement (from the Mediterranean) which is used to measure the mass of the diamond, where one carat would correspond to 200 milligrams".

How big is a carat?

Diamonds of 1 carat or more are both large and rare, so the weight of diamonds is divided into hundreds of one carat, ie 0.01 carat, 0.02 carat, etc.

Where do diamonds come from?

Diamonds crystallize under the extreme temperatures and pressures found from about 150 kilometers deep inside the Earth in the area called the mantle.

The pressure required to form a diamond crystal at, for example, 1400 ° C is equivalent to the Eiffel Tower standing and balancing with its 7000 tonnes on a plate of no less than 12 times 12 cm.

After the diamond crystal is created and finished, it is transported up through cracks in the earth's crust as fragments of lava and internal explosions in the earth.